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Guest Post: Artful Conferences by Lucy Maina — Education initiative uses social practice art to innovate.

How do you inspire innovation? The Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) had the daunting task of encouraging innovation among 160 educators from five countries in East Africa at the last RELI convening. To meet the challenge they solicited the help of the culture consultants at limeSHIFT. limeSHIFT works with communities – public and private – […]

Insights PODCAST: strategy SPECIAL

LISTEN to the FIFTH episode of the new Well Told Story INSIGHTS Podcast To listen: CLICK HERE (26 mins) Subscribe on iTUNES so you never miss an episode. This is a special episode about the work of Well Made Strategy, our strategic communications consultancy section.

Nudge, nudge, tweet, tweet

In the  week that US academic Richard H. Thaler wins the Nobel Prize for his work on behavioural economics, it’s worth thinking about what that means for us lesser mortals toiling on the coal face of learning, health, and happiness (the suffix to his 2008 book, Nudge, with Cass Sunstein).

Who cares about plastic bags?

When it comes to advocacy, emotion can be more powerful than logic. At the UNEP Plastic Bag Ban Forum, I heard the horrific statistic that 24 million plastic bags are used monthly in Kenya, and that they take 700 to 1000 years to biodegrade. This means that not a single plastic bag has degraded yet!  […]