Insights PODCAST: social practice art

LISTEN to the second episode of the new Well Told Story INSIGHTS podcast

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This episode focuses on three “social practice art” projects, which linked people together as participants of a common experience and created a collective reconsideration of an urban environment by ‘invading’ the public space.

In Kabul, 130 youth volunteers handed out 10,000 pink helium filled balloons on an ordinary Monday morning.

In Johannesburg, the decaying empty buildings of the central business district were made to ‘cry’ hot pink paint from their broken windows.

In Nairobi and the coastal Kenyan town of Likoni, people painted each other’s house of worship bright yellow, as an act of love.

To see photos of the projects, CLICK HERE

Featuring: Nabila Alibhai, from our Well Made Strategy consulting team

Produced by: Stephanie Boy

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