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This episode is an update on Episode 1, recorded exactly one week after Kenya’s 2017 national elections. This is the ELECTION EXTRA.

We discuss what happened on election day and in the immediate aftermath. We join the dots between Well Told Story’s youth engagement campaigns (#LigiSafi and #JiActivte) and the results. We discuss how we think young people voted in Kenya in 2017 and why.

We discuss this music video:

Featuring: Okoth Opondo, who runs our ‘Policy Handshake’ governance event series & Gabriel Abagalana from our social media team

For more, our ‘Policy Handshake’ governance event series, read this blog post:…h-a-handshake/

For more on what young Kenyans have been saying on social media about politics:…edia-revealed/

Produced by: Stephanie Boy

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