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Campaign strategists should value storytellers for they know our target audiences well

By Mumbi Kanyogo, Strategic Communications Advisor, Well Made Strategy This blog post was originally written for the Dignified Storytelling Blog hosted by Dubai Cares. You can access the original blog post here Persuasion is our trade.  When working on campaigns our aim is to design narratives that persuade swayable audiences to support our partners’ objectives. We […]

What is happiness?  And What’s So Great About Happiness Anyways?

By Nabila Alibhai A professor of mine balked at the audacity of the American Declaration of Independence listing “the pursuit of happiness” with the other “unalienable rights” of “life” and “liberty.” Clinically depressed, this professor made us question the pragmatism and equal opportunity (or lack thereof) we have to be happy.  She directed us instead […]

UNEA 5, Climate Action for People and Nature

Photo: Kenyan Minister for Environment and Forestry Keriako tobiko joined Inger Andersen, Executive Director UNEP and Espen Barth Eide, President of UNEA 5 during UNEA 5 deliberations. Source UNEP By Fiona Imbali Approximately 42 per cent of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product comes from natural resource-related sectors such as agriculture, forestry, tourism, fishing and mining. These […]

The covid-19 special sauce

By Miles Bredin If covid has taught us one thing it’s the need to stay connected while isolated. It sounds like an oxymoron and it’s not very original but staying in touch with people is as important with your work, your donors and your partners as it is with your friends and relations.

Communicating for change

There’s nothing like a near death experience to get you thinking. When I emerged from a coma in February last year one of my very first thoughts was whether we were letting down any of our partners. Being the sort of partners they are, they soon told me to shut up, stop worrying and get better. I took their advice and last week received the “all clear” after a year in which – with the help of my incredible family and wonderful friends – I dodged death a score of times.