Make a difference with communications

Well Made Strategy helps you become more effective in your communications, through strategy, advice and learning.

Our partners are some of the most ambitious, courageous and innovative organisations tackling issues of social justice, rights and equalities in Africa and beyond.

Our team of inspiring consultants help you become more strategic in your approach to communications, engraining good practice and introducing useful approaches to your work. This brings direction and confidence to our partners, saves you time and money and ultimately helps you make a bigger difference to the world through effective communications.


Carbon Neutral

In 2019 we embarked upon the complicated task of going carbon neutral and were helped a great deal by One Carbon World and the SME Climate Hub  We were inspired by the folk at 4SD and by the UN’s sustainable development goals. Now we’re going for climate positive. Watch this space.

“The reason we contracted a global expert is because this is central to what we are trying to do: to meeting our targets and galvanizing the market. Communications is where the rubber hits the road.”

We help partners in four different ways

Strategic direction

We help set your direction with clarity and focus, helping you figure out where the problems and opportunities are and define clear strategies and plans that guide your team and connect with your audiences.

Ongoing advice

We provide ongoing advice and support to guide your teams and work, helping you stay on track and delivering against your strategy on time, on budget.

Learning programmes

We offer masterclasses and learning programmes so your teams can learn the skills needed to make good communications an everyday practice.

Climate Crisis and ESG reporting

We help and encourage our partners to embed plans to save the planet in all their projects and we work with businesses and funds to report their Environmental Social and Governance data in innovative ways that inspire imitation and good practice.