What we do

There are thousands of organisations tackling issues of social justice, rights and inequalities in Africa and beyond.

They are made up of practitioners and experts in their fields, working to improve lives for millions around the world and helping them thrive.

Often the world does not recognise the true value of these organisations because they do not get their message across effectively. Lots of thoughtful, important, rigorous work that doesn’t get into the world with as much impact as it could.

In short, how they communicate lets them down.

That’s where Well Made Strategy comes in.

Image Courtesy of Miss Koch/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment. Some rights reserved.

Well Made Strategy are not cheap but having worked with them for over a year now, we can see that their consultancy represents excellent value for money. Working with them has been a paradigm shift for our entire team."

Set direction with clarity and focus

We help you figure out your direction with clarity and focus, helping you figure out where the problems and opportunities are and define clear strategies and plans that guide your team and connect with your audiences.

Courtesy of Miss Koch/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment. Some rights reserved.​

Turn words into action

We provide ongoing advice and support to guide your teams and work, helping you stay on track and delivering against your strategy on time, on budget.

Build momentum with skills and confidence​

We offer masterclasses and learning programmes so your teams can learn the skills needed to make good communications an everyday practice. This can include: