Well Made Strategy Team

Well Made Strategy was born as a twin of Shujaaz Inc. and has grown alongside as a collaborator ever since.

Now after ten years both Well Made Strategy and Shujaaz Inc have refocused and launched new strategies to serve the 2020s. Both organisations have doubled down on their purpose and mission, aiming to grow their impact and effectiveness for the next ten years.

Shujaaz Inc. focuses its strategy and teams 100% on removing the barriers that prevent young people from taking control of the future. Well Made Strategy’s new corporate strategy accelerates positive social change by working through partners with people of all ages across Africa. And it tackles the climate crisis in all its work.

As ever, we continue to collaborate on a variety of projects.
gacheri ndumba

Gacheri Ndumba

Gacheri has worked as a brand equity and strategy researcher. She has crafted public policy for the  Government of Kenya  and the African  Union; and she has an MA in Global Studies from the universities of Vienna/Leipzig. 

Farida Nzilani

Farida Nzilani was for six years the Digital Media Producer of social and new media at Shujaaz Inc. where she was responsible for producing, overseeing and analysing the conversations of 1.3 Million Kenyans generated by Shujaaz fans on a daily basis. She is now the executive producer of Shujaaz Inc.’s Hustle Fiti.

Farida Nzilani
Fiona Imbali at Well Made Strategy

Fiona Imbali

Fiona has fifteen years experience of communications, international development and journalism. She has worked on policy and advocacy across Africa and in the UK – with a particular focus on climate change and climate finance. She’s a climate change advocate and recently moderated a high-level panel discussion of African Union member states on the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Abuja, Nigeria.

Fiona did her first degree at the University of Nairobi and has a Master’s in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Nabila Alibhai

A global citizen from Nairobi, Nabila has worked in strategic and creative consulting and is the Founder of limeSHIFT and inCOMMONS, cultural production organisations that shift culture through creative practices in design, civic leadership and participatory planning.

She has worked at the Aga Khan Development Network, the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, the United States and Switzerland. She has a Master’s in Public Health from Yale University and is trained in conflict resolution. She was also mid-career fellow in MIT’s Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies.

Njuhi Chege

Njuhi Chege

Njuhi Chege has worked in project management, qualitative research, strategy development and media for social change. Her experience spans the Middle East, Anglophone Africa and the USA. She has led countrywide social impact campaigns including producing a radio show for Shujaaz Inc. which helped improve the sexual reproductive health outcomes of vulnerable adolescent girls in Western Kenya; and an online series (Ms. Politician) that cultivated the potential political leadership of women and girls in Kenya. She holds an MA in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame, USA.

Maria Wamakonjio

Chief Operating Officer Maria Wamakonjio has over 20 years’ experience in management. She has worked in the tourism, advertising, sales, finance and strategy sectors. Maria is passionate about brand building and its impact on service delivery – a discipline she believes is essential yet often overlooked in both profit and non-profit sectors. Since building the hugely successful ESBC group she has specialised in creating and nurturing systems change – designing performance management systems that boost staff motivation, encourage all over efficiencies and promote social change.
Maria Wamakonjio COO at Well Made Strategy
Mumbi Kanyogo

Mumbi Kanyogo

Mumbi Kanyogo has worked in education, qualitative research, movement building and community fundraising. She is passionate about advocating for people marginalised on account of their gender and sexuality through writing, policy making and political education. Mumbi holds a BA in Public Policy from Duke University and an MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford. 

Our grantees were inspired by the communications sessions, and the work that Well Made Strategy did to bring out our thinking in the donor meeting was incredibly useful."

Naomi Maina

Naomi is a versatile, high performing leader with over 15 years experience in successful strategy planning, operations, project implementation and client relationship management across the banking, social enterprise and development sectors. Naomi has an MBA from Strathmore Business School which she deployed in various roles at the Commercial Bank of Africa, GIZ and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs before joining Shujaaz in 2014. 


Rob Burnet

Rob founded Shujaaz Inc. in 2009. He oversees all aspects of the organisation and has responsibility for strategic direction and design, programme implementation, quality control and standards, external relationships and overall organisational management, as well as sitting on both the Board and Advisory Committee. Simultaneously he founded Well Made Strategy with Miles. Before establishing Shujaaz Inc. Rob spent seven years as The Ford Foundation’s Programme Officer for Media Arts and Culture based in Nairobi. He has also been a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Reading, has worked in large scale public interest TV production for East Africa, and he founded and led Nairobi’s contemporary art studio The Kuona Trust.

Julian Macharia

Julian is a strategic and dynamic leader with over 20 years’ communications experience – in leadership, strategy, business, media, content development and analytical thinking. He is an accomplished creative, expressing himself using multiple media formats combined with astute business management skills with an entrepreneurial outlook. Julian holds a degree in media from the University of Nairobi and sits on the boards of Buni Media and Waridi Events. Julian has worked on strategy across Africa – in South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Senegal as well as in the United States, Belgium and Germany.

Julian Macharia
Sarah Forde Our

Sarah Forde Owuor

Sarah is a former BBC radio journalist, presenter and producer and the founder of Moving the Goalposts, a girls’ football and rights programme in Kenya. She couples her experience of working in civil society and her BBC media work for Well Made Strategy, helping organisations throughout Africa to become much more strategic in their communications. She is also an Integral Master Coach ™

Everlyn Kemunto

Everlyn Kemunto has Master’s degrees from both London and Nairobi. She has extensive experience in programme design, especially for youth engagement, strategic communication and organisational development. An MEL expert, she had a background in education, international development and communications at the Aga Khan Foundation before joining Shujaaz Inc. and Well Made Strategy. She often focuses on research and research strategy design for learning.

This feedback is really helpful! This coaching is fantastic! We're feeling empowered! You've helped jumpstart something we really needed and wanted!”

Richard Darlington

Richard is Campaign Director in London on behalf of 25 leading international NGOs, running a campaign to defend UK aid and development. He has worked at three UK government departments in Whitehall. Most recently, he was Special Adviser at the Department for International Development. He helped IPPR to win the Think Tank of the Year award on three occasions, in three separate periods running the press office of the UK’s premier centre-left think tank. He has helped development programmes design and implement communications strategies in nine African countries and led training, mentoring and coaching for senior and junior staff alike.
Richard Darlington
Miles Bredin

Miles Bredin

Miles is a bestselling author and former foreign correspondent. He was United Press International’s last East Africa Bureau Chief and private sector strengthening advisor to the Afghan Minister of Finance. He was a Paul Mellon Fellow at Yale’s British Art Center and has written a number of books. Miles and Rob set up Well Made Strategy in 2009. It has devised and implemented communications strategies across Africa and beyond.