WMS has been working in East Africa for the past ten years.  Our vision is to accelerate the pace of positive change by improving communications and strategy for individuals, organizations and networks who can be forces for good in Africa.  We help organisations harness the power of good communications to influence policy change, prepare for and anticipate crises, inform the national discourse, build will for social reforms, nudge entire communities towards new norms and identify and influence key individuals. 

We have developed a proven methodology to help partners across sectors, from security to financial inclusion, from education and agriculture to health and governance, to develop strong and clear communication strategic plans. 

Please look through our website for more information https://www.wellmadestrategy.com   

We are looking for a curious and inspirational associate who is keen to learn new skills and share them with others. Applicants will be judged on their willingness and ability to learn rather than their particular knowledge of strategic communications. We are committed to investing time and money to train the ideal candidate.  

The Role: Strategic Communications Consultant – Associate 

Position Associate  Reports to  COO 
Department Communication Strategy 
 Job purpose  Develop and implement communication strategy for WMS Partners   
 Desired qualifications   Master’s degree in a relevant discipline 
 Desired experience  Excellent verbal & written (English) communication skills 
Fluent Kiswahili Experience of living, working or studying abroad 
A minimum of five years’ experience of independently working in a dynamic environment 
Digitally excellent in a variety of programs and suites 
Experience in the private sector 
Experience working with development practitioners, academia and government  
 Technical capabilities  Experience working with technical experts or academic researchers 
Proven ability to deliver quality work on deadline  
Exemplary project management skills with a proven track-record of successful delivery 
Experience of juggling responsibilities and an understanding of logistical requirements  
 Behavioural capabilities  Natural leadership skills with the ability to guide, mentor, educate and support both partners and yourself 
Well-developed personal politics 
A good team player and a problem solver with the ability to recognise and mitigate internal conflicts and manage relationships with external partners and clients 
Innovative thinker with strong analytical skills, curiosity and an interest in expanding his/her knowledge in the areas relevant for Well Made Strategy’s success  
Desire to work independently and to travel broadly  

Your responsibilities in this role will include but will not be limited to.  

  1. Manage and assist with consulting services, overseeing programme delivery and execution of client initiatives. 
  1. Evaluate, develop, and implement communications and other strategies, initiatives, and solutions, improving current infrastructure to meet objectives. 
  • Facilitate discussions with the client to elaborate on the areas of proposed improvements  
  • Define the problem concisely and hypothesise the proposed solution 
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis to drive the proposed solution 
  • Develop and present plans to implement the recommended changes  
  1. Act as the primary liaison with clients, addressing service needs, requests, and issues. 
  1. Manage and support consulting teams and senior leadership, coordinating account activities and evaluating performance. 
  1. Identify business opportunities and obtain accounts, assisting with bid management and contract development. 

In this role you will: 

Commit to a period of intensive training, shadowing a mentor and learning Well Made Strategy’s unique methodology: 

  • Show a desire to learn new skills and identify gaps where further training is needed 

Independently review/create strategies for at least six partners by close of first twelve months: 

  • Independently provide strategic communications advice to partners that include academics, technical experts, ministry officials, business leaders and junior staff with varying levels of expertise 
  • Interact with clients, funders and donors at all levels of expertise and rank 
  • Review client communications and provide inclusive remedial advice in a timely, logical and easy to execute manner 
  • Support partners to develop realistic, implementable communications strategies that deliver measurable change 
  • Lead strategy processes in excellent spoken English (and other languages if possible) 
  • Write well-reasoned clear strategies and reports in excellent written English  

Mentor at least six teams in the first year: 

  • Lead teams of diverse partners (international and national, skilled and unskilled, private and public sector) to successful and timely strategy execution 
  • Lead and present to meetings that include ministers and programme officers, junior staff and CEOs 
  • Identify client capacity strengths and gaps and design strategies to address them 
  • Mentor partners in strategic communications design 
  • Design and provide tailored communications training modules for clients 

Bring in two new partners within the first year and contribute to bringing in four more: 

  • Strategically manage contacts and team communications to optimize all abilities, maximize work effectiveness and appeal to new clients 
  • Seek out partners in both public and private sectors who share Well Made Strategy’s social justice ethos 
  • Self-sign partners and use existing networks to seek new business 
  • Work with team to write proposals and react to sales leads 
  • Use social media and the full digital spectrum – from blog posts to podcasts – to seek work and market to clients 

Improve Well Made Strategy’s and your own offering to clients: 

  • Engage in regular personal evaluation and improvement 
  • Communicate transparently with team for maximum self and team improvement 
  • Identify opportunities to productise and help to productise Well Made Strategy’s offering 
  • Identify areas of improvement for self and team 
  • Engage in additional training (self) where gaps and opportunities have been identified  

Manage time and maintain professional behaviour at all times 

  • Well Made Strategy never misses a deadline and neither will the candidate 
  • Use time tracking software to ensure profitable completion of assignments
  • Self-manage assignments in close cooperation with colleagues 
  • Close attention to detail is important in this position, and the candidate must be able to work well on teams (the full Microsoft 365 Suite) and collaborate with partners to meet their needs

If you feel you are the right candidate for this position please send your CV and cover letter to maria.wamakonjio@wellmadestrategy.com  

Every day hundreds of young entrepreneurs, both aspiring and experienced, swarm the Hustla MBA social media platform for advice and solutions to the challenges that they are facing – be it thinking about saving money, or debating between opening a vegetable stall or a chips stand.  

Hustla MBA offers the answers.  

It is a digital informal business development course, that uses a peer-to-peer learning approach to showcase the skills necessary to identify a winning idea to start, manage and grow a small enterprise  or hustle. It targets young people between the ages of 18-24 years old, who are out of school and unemployed. 

On the back end of the platform is our own Farida Nzilani, the Executive Producer for the Hustla MBA Programme at Shujaaz inc. and digital expert for Well Made Strategy. Over the years she has reached millions of young men and women in East Africa – she’s young, female and mostly self-taught with a strong sense of understanding the clients that she speaks to.  

Farida’s programme provides young practicing micro-entrepreneurs in Kenya with new skills and new community connections, through digital hubs and social media. 

“We go beyond norms by connecting people to new ideas, networks & communities. This is a project that has evolved from offline physical activities to a mainly digital experience.” says Farida.  

Her work has involved starting new campaigns and building an online presence and personality for them. She’s known for her social media mastery and knack for forecasting digital trends years in advance. She’s also an avid runner and hiker, whose been on Mt. Kilimanjaro twice! 

Despite the challenges presented by 2020, including the global pandemic and economic slump, she has worked to connect young Kenyans online to share about their ideas, motivations, challenges and hopes and cross pollinate those into partnerships among young people or greater insight for individual entrepreneurs – those aspiring and those who’ve already taken the leap. And now the world has taken notice of her work.  

The Hustla MBA Programme has been nominated for Breakthrough of the Year in the category of Digital Education by Falling Walls Remote 2020. What’s special about it you ask? Well, renowned institutions from over 111 countries have nominated more than 900 outstanding projects for the Science Breakthrough of the Year and Farida is one of the finalists. 

The Falling Walls Foundation promotes ground-breaking ideas across borders and disciplines – and brings together pioneers and innovators form all over the world. 

A charity founded in 2010 in Berlin, it serves as a unique international platform for pioneers in academia, industry, politics, the arts, and civil society. In commemoration of the peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it focuses on the question: Which are the next walls to fall?  

The nomination is a great milestone for Farida, for Well Made Strategy and her Shujaaz Inc team. They now await the decision of the distinguished jury of the Digital Education. If selected, the Shujaaz Inc. team will be invited to participate in the Winners Sessions, taking place from 4 to 8 November. If they advance to win Breakthrough of the Year in the category, they will be featured on Falling Walls Day, 9 November 2020. 

I am exhilarated that the world gets an opportunity to hear about the amazing Hustla MBA programme. Above all, honoured that our programme got nominated. Crossed fingers, that we hear our name.” 

We’re thrilled for Farida and the entire Shujaaz Inc team, and are so proud to have the pleasure of working with Farida regularly on select WMS projects. 

If interested in participating in this year’s Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week, it will happen virtually from 1-10 November 2020 and is open to all. With over 200 sessions, the programme will bring together some of the most recent breakthroughs and outstanding projects in science and society. Register now at go.falling-walls.com/cux 

Exactly a week ago, my TED Talk  about Colour in Faith, a project about countering fear through social practice art was published. The talk is less than twelve minutes long but it took me a lifetime to prepare for it!

Those twelve minutes were prepared over months and days of working with my colleagues at Well Made Strategy, the TED curatorial team and wonderful Broadway choreographer Danny Mefford. I’m going to save you a lot of time and share a few useful tips from my experience.

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Terrorists use spectacular moments of death and destruction to create division and fracture communities. But can public art create equally spectacular moments of beauty and love, that can heal division and unite communities? That’s the subject of a new book, called ‘Art in the City’. The opening chapter of the book is authored by my colleague at Well Made Strategy, Nabila Alibhai.

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