A quiet revolution at Well Told Story

After seven years of exciting work as a division of Well Told Story, our consulting team is entering a period of transformative growth. Since 2009, Well Told Story Consulting has been growing alongside Shujaaz and our other media, sharing the skills and lessons we’ve learned in strategy, media and communications to help our clients harness the power of good communications to create positive change.

From January 2017, Well Told Story Consulting becomes Well Made Strategy. An integral part of the Well Told Story group, but now a stand-alone organisation with all the structures in place to grow alongside Shujaaz, and the other Well Told Story companies. We’ll be expanding our unique package of strategy training and support to a wider base of Africa’s leading corporates and development partners.

Joining the Well Made Strategy team from January is Aisha Onsando, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya with a law degree from the London School of Economics and a Master’s in Human Rights from Columbia. She has argued at Kenya’s Court of Appeal, worked at Amnesty International, Civicus and the Spatial Collective. Aisha will be adding her knowledge of human rights and training design for some of Africa’s most influential boards to our ever-deepening well of experience.

Keen readers of the Well Told Story blog will know that we looked long and hard for the ideal candidate to join our team. By midway through Aisha’s first interview we knew we had found the one. Nervous of having our minds changed, we approached her referees, only to find that one of Africa’s leading legal minds and a stellar financial consultant had nothing but praise for her. Well Made Strategy is extremely fortunate to have found Aisha, as is our growing list of clients and partners.

In 2016 we worked in ten countries – from Nigeria to the United States. In 2017 we will expand our team and extend our global reach while maintaining our clear focus, integrity and reputation for consistent excellence. We will continue to turn away customers we don’t believe are doing good; we will continue to tell partners what they need to know, rather than what they want to hear; and we will continue to focus on helping our clients to improve the world by the targeted used of strategic communications.

May Well Made Strategy thrive and the struggle continue. A luta continua!

Miles Bredin is Managing Partner at Well Made Strategy

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